Saturday, September 1, 2007


If This is the
Happiest Place on Earth
Why do so many people look
sooo miserable?
Great expectations lead to
Great disappointments.
Too often.
Your family will not change
Your friends will not change
You will not change.
Will you? Can you?
Whatever miseries
you had
you bring with you.
Can you let the joy out?
It's in there, hiding.
Let it out.
Let yourself be happy.
A day, an hour
even a minute.
Let yourself.
The only one who has to give you
is you

1 comment:

Independent Accountant said...

I have learned not to expect much. It reduces the likelihood of disappointment. I believe the Apostle Paul claimed to be able "to be content in any circumstance". Victor Frankl wrote similarly in his "Man's Search for Meaning".