Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 AM

Can't sleep, wanting you
Ducks sing to a silent phone
Its glow reflects tears.

Its glow reflects tears
Inappropriate. We have
no relationship.

No relationship?
"Count the stars with me," you say.
Shh! nightingale trills.

Shh! Nightingale trills
Without you, every note
is flat and alone.

Is flat and alone
my always? You, far from me.
Can't sleep, wanting you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Assorted Haiku

Goodbye, Luna Girl

It’s over. You are
no longer in my speed dial.
Delete. Delete. De-


He is so damn tight
he does not even bring his
own prophylactics.

Luke's version(I like Luke's version better!)

How fucking cheap is
he? He doesn't even buy his
own condoms. Asshole. [rolls eyes]


I’m sorry. More than
you think, know, believe. I hurt
because I hurt you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's April!

Dear Readers,

I haven't been ignoring you. At the moment my day job is consuming many hours of my time and will for about another week or so. Add to that preparation for the final exam in my CRW course, assisting others in uploading files, my crazy night life (FWA! OMA! TSA! VCC! WMNA!), volunteering at CC#3's school, assisting CC#1 with her on-line courses, taking CC#2 to whatever she has to get to AND the final edit and upload of Mastermind to authorhouse (est. release date: May 18) and you can see what a busy little beaver I am. Today, though, I am goofing off. (LOL) Yeah, printed out files, did a state update, met with clients, went to former office and dealt with officious offal, arranged appointments for weekend, reread essay for final, swam 6 laps in pool, planning to go to FWA-Kissimmee tonight, tossing around idea of interviewing local dance school for article, going to do 6 miles on bike later. Yeah, goofing off.



FWA-Florida Writers' Association
OMA-Orlando Museum of Art
TSA-Temple Shalom Aleichem
VCC-Valencia Community College
WMNA- What's my name again? i forgot what the acronym originally here stood for
CC#1,2,3- Cost Centers, ie the girls