Saturday, January 5, 2008

G'te Voch, G'te Yur

Tonight, I went out with youngest child to see the
Osbourne Lights at Disney/MGM.
Got back to my apartment about 15 minutes ago.
I hung my mezzuzot.
I lived at HBK for 7 years and I managed to find every

reason to NOT put up mezzuzah, despite having a few
dozen in wood, metal, ceramic, glass, leather
(oh yesssss...purple and silver leather mezzuzah....oh yesss).
This will be my second night here.
And they are up.


gullah gullah said...

you know, not everyone speaks whatever that is....

winged unicorn said...

the heading is yiddish. it means 'good week', 'good year' it was something my brother and our grandmother said to each other. a mezzuzah scroll is inscribed with the 'shema' section of the torah, placed in a protective covering, which is affixed to the door frame.