Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dream Lover or Wednesday Night at Austins

Every week I turn up there just to hear that voice
Get my fix, get inspired, get HOTT-that voice
That voice telling me things
Making me feel things
Want, oh yes, that voice makes me want
makes me go home, alone and....
I hear it, talking me through it.
That voice coming from that mouth
that mouth, ta geulle, ta geulle, that mouth

i want that mouth between my legs where my hands are now
no se branler, no. ta geulle,
embrassez moi, embrassez moi, lèche-moi, lèche-moi
descendre à la cave et et et
baiser moi, baiser
je serai votre amant de rêve

oh that’s an oxymoron
but say it again
je serai votre amant de rêve

A dream lover doesn’t exist
of course a dream lover doesn’t exist
but that voice tells me he is somewhere
that voice would be my dream lover
that voice sings to me

oh robyn
oh robyn
je serai votre amant de rêve, votre fantaisie, votre jouet
je serai n'importe quoi que vous voulez que je sois

I will be your somewhere
i will be your whiskey drinking, tattooed, pierced, six fingered, pre-op transexual one-legged oatmeal wrestling midget.

Thank you rocco
love ya man

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Anonymous said...

OK, that's hot! I wish I understood more French!

- Ron (JR)