Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold Snap-Revised

Sprawled in my bed, face down. If you were here
if you were
I'd be warm, too warm.
Strip off clothes, blankets, skin, strip them off, throw them off. Pull me close.
If you were here
There is a pile of pillows in your spot. I huddle with them
‘Are you warm now? Are you warm enough? Come closer,' your leg thrown over me.
Touching you on the computer screen, pixel DNA, not you, just bits and bytes and smoke and mirrors
smell of lonely makes my nose frown, bite not-your-ear, just polyester fiberfill
hands grasp the mattress. They hold empty.
The world sees empty, but me?
‘Come closer. Sleep. It'll wait til morning. It'll keep. Let me.'
Tighter, pull me tighter, don't want morning to come.
I can touch you. I can.

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