Sunday, May 18, 2008



Robyn is a Brooklyn girl through and through. In fact, this wanna-be redhead reeks of the outer borough, when she isn't reeking of her usual BS. She has spent most of life racking up, oops, playing with numbers as a statistician and tax accountant, day jobs she admits to only under severe duress. After her move to Florida, she had a near-death experience which left her severely afflicted with hypergraphia. In addition to poetry and flash fiction, many samples of which can be found on her blog, Robyn writes a regular column on the arts for a Tampa newspaper in the vain hope of bringing an epiphany to that wasteland in the west. She will be reading a few chapters from Mastermind, a nasty, depraved mystery thriller co-written with Gene Hodes, due tobe released May 25. Which means she will be reading from a book not yet in print!

Orlando Poetry Group presents:
Third Wed of each month @ Austin's
Wednesday May 21,@ 8:30pm
Austin's Coffee and Film
929 W Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, Florida

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candoor said...

finding coincidence
or connection
something to excite
or to fear
(i choose excite)

i believe in honesty without harm

i grew up in Canarsie with adopted jewish parents devoid of depth and without sensitivity or tradition beyond the most traditional must-do social occasions... i found my own way mostly independent of humanity, but still believe in love and trust and kindness and above all else, to repeat, honesty without harm...

writing is breathing, since i could first hold a crayon and play with words, i've played with words... dozens of sites on the web reflect dozens of facets of me and my play, each specific to it's intent and method, few defined as i prefer random creativity to structured thought...

i sense that whatever differences we might find in our interests and personalities could be easily bridged by the two connections in the previous two paragraphs, so i smile and wave hello with hopeful anticipation of finding a friend :)

i missed this night at Austins, but hope to meetup with you somewhere in time... and being an obnoxiously hopeful cynic, i hope you might find reason to hope that too :)