Saturday, May 24, 2008

Work, Not Play. Play, Not Work

Working, always working.
She sits there, typing with one hand and writing with the other
Ever stop? Does she ever stop? I should be bored, watching her.
But I’m not.

My foot nudges her. A frown, gone.
Concentration feels me blow over it.
And then that smile. I love that smile.
Oh god, did I say that? Did I?

Here. She rises, hand creeps across the table to me
Here. I need a break.
Clasping my hand, eyes lost behind some mist, she dazzles me.
Everything she does mesmerizes me.

Slides up my arms as she straddles me
around me, that mouth on mine, kisses me
sighs, face hidden in my neck, heat flows off her
Volcano, nova and I am caught in that wave

I cannot remember when I breathed this deep, this much
needed this much oxygen. Every inhale feels it.
I need a break sweeting deep throaty words tickle my ear
slow breath as she kisses the front of my neck, that hollow

Stretches on me, I swear I can feel her stretch on me
turns in my lap leans back leans way back
If you take them off oh god her fingers hooked through the top of my shorts
if you take them off I can’t move I can’t but I do

Raise myself enough to slide them off and she is on me
in her own world does she even know
or care
that it is me under her touching her holding her loving her?

Does she?

I know. I know every inch twinge twitch quirk
I know her. I am here, anchoring her
while she floats in her pleasure state
trusting me to keep her

Reach around, hold her. Feel her jump
Forget I was here, love? and I kiss that curve behind her ear
Moves on me, does not answer, not a word.
but I know that too. Her answer.

It’s okay, love, I’m here still ignores me, leans forward, moans
and all I want is to bury myself in her
and feel her pleasure on through because of me.’
She pretends she doesn’t hear or understand, but I know better.

Do you want to shower? Hmm? Half asleep on me
if I loosen my grip she’ll fall. Pull her tighter
Do you want to shower? Break’s over. Slumps on me, relaxed.
Stand, holding her, walk inside.

Laying next to her, straighten her clothes.
Stay. Holding a hand to me, her perfect wrists
lead to that hand, fingers thin exclamation points between mine.
Stay. I turn her hand over and kiss her pulse.

1 comment:

candoor said...

i wonder, reading this
is this a poem to a lover
or words wished upon a lover
aimed at you

i ask the same of myself
alone at night
between the pages.