Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Bike Helmets Are Important and What's That Purple Lump?

got to the ride site early, did about 5 miles just cruising around lake eola (no bikes allowed, rode outside the park. note to self: swan boats ARE a form of transportation. resolved: to ride in a swan boat)we were a large group, way over 20, lots of new people.

how can we tell they are new? well first off, never saw them before. 2nd, no helmets, no gloves, no lights. i may have ridden a junker, and been happy to do so, but i ALWAYS wore a helmet. keeps my nose from getting broken. protects my eyeglasses too. [more about the importance of bike helmets later...] so we did 11 miles, nice and easy, the newbies dropped out, they'll join us again thurs or next week.

and then we took off, did another hour, perhaps another 12 miles. i skidded out on some loose sand, bruised my left side, tore my jersey, dislocated my right thumb. starting to wonder if this carelessness on my part meets some psychological need for praise or if it truly a physical thing, result of my VERY poor night vision, loss of depth perception, still getting used to the clipless pedals etc etc. probe all of this AFTER the weekend.

because i am riding. 84 miles each way (official route, NOT 75, but when it is that long who counts anymore?)(unless you're doing the century option, adding 16 miles at the end to get the 100 mile patch. and NO i am NOT going to do that. i will be VERY HAPPY to finish both days) (crazy but not totally nuts)

i'd like to thank all of you for your support and generosity. this is a wonderful cause. research, individual support, helplines, psychological, emotional, legal support-YOU ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE.


every single one of you.

thank you.


it's been a month since i fell and bruised my left size. i have a hematoma the size of texas [yes, STILL!] been to the doctor 4 times for that and for the infection i developed from some of my scrapes AND the allergic reaction i had to the meds AND to the associated bruising (black and blue from hip joint to mid-calf). had an MRI on my thigh to determine if there was vascular or neural invovleement, concern about permanent brusing on the bone since it is taking so long to disolve.

so WHY am i labeling this 'bike helmets are important'?
because when i fell and hit my shoulder and tore my jersey, apparently i also hit my head. the styrofoam inside my helmet cracked and there is a NICE dent on the fiberglass outside. i didn't notice any of this, it was pointed out by my biking partner. sent chills down my spine. if i hit hard enough to dent my helmet, what would the impact have been on my naked skull?

can anyone spell S-C-R-A-M-B-L-E-D B-R-A-I-N-S?
i think i need to take up a safer hobby. like russian roulette.

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