Thursday, September 18, 2008

More on THAT LUMP!

look at that lump! if i wasn't so toned from all the biking there is NO WAY i'd be able to get into my shorts! look at the collar of my jersey! how did i manage to rip that? thumb has almost returned to normal normal? what's that?

going to curl up for an hour or 3 with a book of bukowski's poetry.charles bukowski has received any number of awards, commendations, been told he is a genius, oft-quoted etc etc "oh robyn you HAVE to read his work, you will love him" well... i've read 8 pieces so far. it does not strike me as poetry for the ages. it is very much of its time and place.

which is fine. i think 90% of my work is of its time and place, not for posterity IF it manages to escape the trash can or shredder.i have a heavy duty shredder and i'm not afraid to use it. which i do.only a small portion of good writing is writing. the rest is reading, refining, editing. lather rinse repeat as often as needed.which is generally 2-3 more times than you think. stop too soon you do an injustice to the reader, to yourself AND to the piece. get that marker. get that red pen. ATTACK!

i'm going to curl up and rest for tonight's 25 mile ride. i am so hyped about this weekend.

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