Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Bonsai

My bonsai is talking
To me
I do not listen
It sits there
in its box.
Waiting to grow.
Poor bonsai.
So patient
It is crying
and I do not listen
I carry it around
Torment it
Torment myself
Hearing it cry
but not listening
It is white noise
a song I hear for so long
I can pretend I don't

But I can't.

I still hear it
know it
feel it

Try so hard
to continue
to ignore it

and so afraid
of succeeding.

1 comment:

Independent Accountant said...

How strange. Even I own houseplants. They may remind me I am still alive. I named one. I call it the "John Ashcroft (JA) Memorial Plant". Why? It has a 26" long leaf that stands straight up! It looks like a erect phallus. I do not doubt that if JA, who as US Attorney General covered the Department of Justice's statue of "Lady Justice" with a cloth saw it, he would have it arrested for indecent exposure! How strange the things which amuse us.