Wednesday, August 1, 2007

House of Lies or The Truth is Too Strange

It was a lie from our first date. In fact, he didn't believe our first conversation. Does not bode well for a relationship does it? To have a potential boyfriend disbelieving you even before you've gone out. But that is what it was and that is what it remains. A lie from start to finish, in his head.

A Saturday in mid-February, 1974 about 11 am (a week or two after my 15th birthday)
"Hi. Would you like to go to the movies tonight?"
"Well, to tell you the truth, I have the worst headache and I think I'd be really lousy company. If you want to take a chance, call me back later, maybe 3 or so. By then either I'll feel better or the headache will be killing me. But yeah, if I feel better, I'd like to go to the movies with you."
"Okkkkaaayyy. Then I guess I'll call you later." click
I hang up the phone, thinking to myself, that has got to be the worst line ever. He is never going to believe I have a headache. He is going to think I'm waiting for a better offer. I guess i just fucked this up before it started, didn't I?

Same day, about 3 pm
"So, you said to call you back about 3. Are you feeling better?"
"Yeah, thanks. I took some aspirin and laid down. So if you still want to go to the movies, I'd really like that."
"Great. I'll pick you up around 7. What's your address?"

That Night
"So what gave you the headache?"
"I bet you won't believe it. I don't believe it."
"Oh come on, what?"
"Well, I went shopping with my mom early this morning. We were out on Church Avenue when this brick, a piece of the facade on the storefront, falls out and hits this guy on the head. Killed him. I got some of his blood spattered on me."
"Hey, I said it was a strange morning. Now you know why I had a headache. Still want to go to the movies?"
"Um, yeah, I guess..."

10 years later... in a neighborhood clothing store many miles away
Carl: "So you're from Church Avenue?"
R: "Yeah, that's where I grew up."
Carl: "You ever shop at Dave's?"
R: "Oh all the time. I got my first bra there."
Carl: "You know about that guy that was killed?"
R: "Know about it? I got spattered with his blood. Scary. You know, he was the neighborhood homeless guy. He used to sweep in front of all the stores."
Carl: "It ruined Dave's business. Not the lawsuit, but he just felt so guilty about it."
R: "It was a real tragedy, but it wasn't his fault."
G: "You mean that story you told me about the brick was for real?"
R: "Yeah it was real. You mean you never believed me? You thought I could make something like that up? We've been going together for 10 years and you never believed me?" (voice rising to almost shriek level)
G: " It was too weird."
R: "You thought I made that up? Oh my god."
Carl: " Let me get some popcorn. Round One!"
R: "You never believed me. Ever. Oh my god. Oh my god."
G: "I'm sorry?"

What does it mean when a guy thinks a girl is lying before the first date?
Will he ever believe her? Ever? And what does it say about him that he
would pursue someone he thinks is a lying cheating whore anyway?


Independent Accountant said...

I never heard the story of the brick before.

winged unicorn said...

strange but true!!!! could probably verify it in the archives of the kings courier newspaper.

zoesmomdebbie said...

So how come you never told me about that? That must have been horrible for you. Thankfully, I've made it to 53 and never saw anyone killed. I've seen dead people, but never saw them die...