Tuesday, July 31, 2007


He stared at the computer screen. It held a single word, font size 24. No chance of mistaking it for anything else. The one word in their personal lexicon that signaled over, done, finished. He sighed, closed the email and tended to his work, mind rollercoasting.
What had brought this on? He hadn't even spoken to her for a few days. What had changed everything?
Staring at the phone, the code for her speed dial pressed. Call her? How many times a day he picked up the phone, wanting her, missing her. But this, now? It was beyond him. To know what to do, how to do was for the gods, not him.
Pointless. If it was over, it was over. That was their agreement. Either could end it at any time. He just didn't think after all they'd been through that it would ever end. Ever.
Had his dreams scared her? His desire for more of her? His pressure for a more formal relationship, a public declaration? Did it matter why if she wanted it over?
Did anything matter at all?

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