Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Only Addiction Worth Having

Paranoia does not mean they aren’t out to get you. I think its usually justified. I have everything I do so encrypted, so password protected that sometimes I have a problem figuring out how to get into my own files. You may wonder why I do that. Fear blankets me. It is my innermost skin, the layer closest to the throbbing veins and arteries. It runs through me with every heartbeat, with every synaptic charge. It is such a relief to be back in my pro tempore edificium. After spending time in a place that despises me, even though I was with people I love, I needed my safe haven. It is freeing. I had been told this, that freedom was addictive. And you can only feel free when you feel safe, when you live without fear. There is no justification in this world, in this beautiful terrible awesome world that god created for ANYONE to live in fear. None. I will fight no more forever. The war with myself is over. I will be at peace. Without fear.

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