Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thor's Mighty Hammer

There was a thunder and rain storm tonight. Not an unusual occurrence in central Florida in July by any stretch of the imagination, but this was the first lightening storm since I moved out. Watching the jagged bolts from my hotel room, wondering if they could see the beauty of it a few miles away, smell the ozone. And if their power was out, too. I have discovered one advantage to hotels vs houses. There is only one clock to reset. No VCR's, no TIVO's, no coffee makers, microwaves, no other magically timed devices running in the background of our day to day lives fattening the local electricity providers in this room! I sat here, AC off, lights out, only the glow of my laptop (18 minutes left!) and the CRACK! of the lightening... thinking, "I want to go out and play. I want to feel the rain on me. I want to feel that jolt. I want my hair to sizzle." Easy for me to say, I've never been struck despite having lived in two areas known for electric storms, never even had a TV explode, never lost my server, my fertility, my sanity...well not to that anyway. Do I sound wistful? Perhaps. It will take a great jolt to wake me from my lethargy. A very great jolt to waken me fully and completely, no snooze alarm giving me 10 or 20 more minutes of life slumber, my living daydream. Or my living nightmare....

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