Sunday, July 15, 2007

Not Writer's Block, More Like Writer's Speedhump

Not a writer's block. A block is something that you build with. This is something I must climb over or work around. Rarely happens any longer, but it does happen. Spent so many hours on my last assignment that I am numb and disinclined to write anything. I've looked at it, mulled it, edited it, rewritten it, vivisected it, dissected it and otherwise thrown it hither and yon. Count up the hours I've put into the piece already and think, better off tossing and starting fresh than deal with the frustration of banging my head in this drivel any more. It does not sing to me. It does not flow. I SEE the work in it. It is all nails in the roadway, flattening my tyres. Problem is with four flat tyres, I cannot go forward. Instead, I sit here cranking the stereo full blast which drains the battery (today's picks: Savage Garden Custom Mix and Robyn's Personal Police Mix. Is Robyn revisiting her past, hmmm? Ripping scabs perhaps?) Maybe I'll just find that random phrase generator website and use that for inspiration. Or call AAA for a boost and tow. Boost and tow? Boost and tow...yeah. That works. Later.

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