Friday, October 12, 2007


There wasn't anything here to eat. What a sucky menu. Okay. Soup. Chicken soup. How bad could that be? Wait. Pretty bad. Hmmm....vegetable soup. Much safer.
He leaned back in the booth and stared out the window. Or tried to. It had filmed over due to contrast of cold outside and warm inside.
To say it was warm inside was an understatement. Typical, overheated in the winter and over air conditioned in the summer. Hard to stay awake when it was so hot in here. And I ordered soup? Should've ordered ice tea.
Nothing to do but wait. Wait for soup, wait for James. Wait for what? For a lifetime to start? Keep waiting.
He wiped off the window with his sleeve. No one out there. Might be a wait. James was notorious for not attending to the time, late or early as his mood dictated.
"Hey," James said, sliding into the booth.
"So?" He clasped his hands , the tension rising from him in waves. "So?"
"We got it. You got it. They signed you. Here's your advance."
And James, smiling, handed him the check.

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