Tuesday, December 25, 2007


so its about 8:20 dec 25 and what has robyn been doing this fine morning?

last night, bowing to popular demand, we made 7 dz peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. one of my favorites, quick easy, foolproof.
went to 2 of the disney hotels to see the trees and let elles chat with santa.
even the older two were on 'best behavior' and let me take pictures of them
back to HBK for the night, very odd feeling, very disorienting.
people out back had a VERY loud party until 4 am.

yes i was up until 4 am.
and up again a 5:30, although i elected to go back to sleep until 7
7:10, got up, made traditional baking powder biscuits,
used my french rolling pin, gentler on the dough.
besides. i like it. it is the perfect weight.
its long. its tapered. it is sooooooooooooo smooth.
my plastic rolling pin only has enough heft when it is filled with ice.
my marble pin is so heavy it KILLS anything it touches.
you have to be gentle yet firm when working with dough.
biscuits, 28 biscuits, 2" diameter.
and i know my oldest will yelp, biscuits are HER thing, not mine.
she will have to deal with it.
still restless, not sure yet if i am willing to go to the store to get yeast.
okay, scones. em loves scones. but i already made chocolate chip cookies....
and i made chocolate chip scones 2 or 3 days ago
no oranges here, tangerine? fresh ginger? that'll work. i'll make 9. good number.
use the vegetable peeler to get some zest off the tangerine and peel the ginger root
could somebody out there explain to me WHY i don't own a zester?
stir it into the flour, cut in the butter
mmmm....butter. sweet cream butter.
beat an egg into the buttermilk, stir stir stir.
drop onto cookie sheets, bake. taste. they're good. very good.
i think i'll make an orange glaze, 10X sugar, orange peach mango juice.

later: brownie bites. raspberry diamonds. there is a can of pumpkin in the pantry.
pumpkin spice cake? muffins? roulade with pumpkin mousse filling?

[sigh] how i deal with stress, happiness, grief. i cook.

what category does today fall into?

NOON UPDATE: just pulled the last batch of cream-cheese filled
brownie bites out of the oven, 7 dozen total.
still have 2 sticks of butter, about 3 lbs flour, 2 lbs sugar in the pantry,
a few jars of jam, corn syrup, what next, what next?
me: but i'm happy in here!
me: fine. i'll give in to your demands. can i make raspberry diamonds, rainbow cookies and pumpkin muffins later in the week? please please please?
the girls to each other: she's off her meds, isn't she?

i don't know why they're complaining. there are only 12 biscuits left, 4 scones and they finished 8 brownie bites while my back was turned. i wonder if there is any eggplant in the house or chow fun noodles...or phyllo dough. yes. i haven't made bastilla in a few months. and with then i can make baklava and and and


winged unicorn said...

if you want the actual recipes for anything mentioned, just email me. many of them are from back issues of fine cooking, others culled from the over 200 cookbooks i own. and a happy healthy new year to you all!

Independent Accountant said...

Sounds like a lot of work to me. Merry Christmas.