Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Be or Not To be, That is One Question

Are we to be or not to be, that is one question
you ask me, wondering what my answer bodes.
There are other questions we may suffer,
we will suffer the vicissitudes of fortune
and take arms. Oh to take arms!
What means it? To take arms?
Shall we gird ourselves as if for war,
have plentiful the slings and arrows
and weapons of mass destruction?
So readily available in this age, a mere click away,
paypal and ebay make it too too easy to prepare for this.
Shall we have these things at hand to feed the urge for war?
Or shall we take arms, take our arms,
take my arms, take your arms, press them together,
wrap each other in arms, wrap our arms around each other?
Oh god.
and lose all opposition, a lovely truce,
white flag of capitulation waves,
all earlier conflict forgotten in a great joining of arms,
a unity of being, shall we? Shall we?
No more separation, no more partings,
however sweet the sorrow that is.
I'll have no more of it.
I'll not be parted from you.
Flesh calls to flesh and answers.
Oh, how it answers that call, that tocsin cry...
Your call.
I will answer your call. No other.
I feel you near me, no matter how far you are.
Miles, inches, they are the same.
Every mile is an inch and every inch a mile when we are not joined.
My hair rises, static electric tingles, nerves standing, blood pounding.
I hear your voice, through waves, so distant.
You whisper my name, lips brush my cheek, my ear, my neck.
"Tell me. Answer me."
One question. Only one.
One answer. Only one.


Anonymous said...

It will be a wonderful weekend. Just remember to breathe.

gene said...


"G" said...

and the husband said........

Independent Accountant said...

I melt when you paraphrase Shakespeare.

winged unicorn said...

oh sweetheart!
did i forget to wish you a
happy anniversary???
dec 23 2003
i may not remember our first time,
but i DO remember our last!