Saturday, November 10, 2007

i wonder what the queen has been doing this week

the past week, ten days i have been...distracted. yes, i've been writing, obviously i've been writing. to keep me from my pen and notebooks would be to starve me, i would shrivel up. but i've had to limit my typing time, ergo limiting my posting time. why you may ask have i limited my typing time? too many other real world obligations, avoiding truths i have to face, not wanting to revisit my own insides or the turmoil that knots my guts.

but this weekend i am spending at the Florida Writer Association Conference. and if that does not force me to sit down at my laptop and use both hands to compose what will?

so far, (this being early early sat am) the seminars have been...inspiring. and it is at one of my favorite hotels, disney's coronado springs, where i had the privelege of attending the IRS tax forum back in september. another three days of heaven! why is it that eyes glaze over when i riff on taxes or writing?

time to wash/dress/drive.

later, my friends!!!

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Independent Accountant said...

I wondered when you would post something. I visit your site at least twice a week.