Monday, November 26, 2007

Limericks-I can SO write trash if i want to!

Each word lying pond scum uses
produces uglier bruises
They fly round the room.
How can he presume
I'd believe his excuses?

I tell him: the world's full of spin.
Go on. Take out your violin.
Just play me a song!
And string me along!
I'm waiting. Time to begin.

Are you sad? Do you feel my pain?
Just give it up. Don't yank my chain.
Never felt better.
Freed from the fetter.
Pass me a glass of champagne.


Jeffrey said...

Terrible are certain moments in one’s prime.
Sounds like he never was worth the dime.
Your better off alone.
Free of his phone.
I raise my margarita to you with lime.

Omega is that really the time?
I really should be off line.
Must pack pronto.
Off to Toronto.
Just be glad your free of that slime.

winged unicorn said...

by the way, the syllable rule for limericks is: 8,8,5,5,7
rhyme scheme is a,a,b,b,a.
if anybody cares.
which i am sure nobody does.