Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve...

in preparation for the big hoopla tomorrow,
and to reassure my readers that i am NOT in swimming in a sea of despair,
below the thing that the queen has done today to amuse herself:
grocery shopping: heavy cream, vegetables, fresh ground cornmeal...
did 8 miles on the bike
food prep time: YAY! i get to cook BIG! with an oven!
with my youngest acting as a very enthusiastic sous chef
cornbread to be cubed for stuffing
apple cake with caramel glaze drizzled on top
(butter, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla-HIGH HEAT!
corn muffins with corn kernels and finely diced sundried tomatoes
deep dish espresso chocolate pecan pie
(espresso, kahlua, chopped pecans, semisweet chocolate)
pumpkin sponge roll with pumpkin mousse filling
whole cranberry chutney: fresh grated ginger, mandarin orange, orange zest
rest of tomorrow's menu:
small turkey breast (my girls are vegetarians)
cornbread stuffing
bread stuffing with cubed apples and celery
string bean casserole a la david
baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato hash
fresh whipped cream (i have VERY strong arms!)

and tonight, i'm going out to an open mic night with my younger daughter,
the genius. i look at her work and i am awed, stunned at her talent.
she's planning to read (OMG!) and then, perhaps, perhaps perhaps i'll go on.
after i catch my breath. because i always have something to say.
perhaps the complete unexpurged "conditional clause and 1st corinthians".
perhaps something twisted and humorous.
gird your loins, mes amis, the winged unicorn flies!

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