Sunday, November 25, 2007

Regrets Are All We Have-left.

Subjunctive tense kills.
Could have, should have, would have. NOT!
Regrets are empty.

Wipe my bleeding eyes.
Don't let him see me like this.
Regrets are wistful.

You'll remember me.
I am burned into your flesh.
Regrets are cold scars.

I was in your world.
You never came into mine.
Regrets are worthless.

Please, I cried. Love me!
Faking it, not good enough.
Regrets are timeless.

You hardly know me.
And you don't care. I'm a fool.
Regrets are stupid.

You are so so close.
Sss. Can you feel me tremble?
Regrets are all ours.

Kiss me, kiss me now.
Broken, overload, more tears.
Regrets are useless.

So much yet undone.
I thought we had forever.
Regrets are hollow.

My dreams are of you.
Liar. Thoughtless. Mais...j'taime.
Regrets are dead loves.

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