Thursday, November 29, 2007

Single Life

Have another sip. Would you like an appetizer with that?
I really enjoyed the movie. Wanna do this again Thursday?
Due cappuccino decaf, por favore. Care to dance?

No I would NOT care to dance.

This is complements of the guy in the blue cable sweater.
Here's his card, m'am.
"Hi, pretty lady. May I join you?"

Free country. I should give a rat's ass where you sit?

You're a very powerful reader, lot of stage presence.
Will you be back next week?
BTW, my name is DaveSteveJohnRobertJosephAndrew

You're interchangeable.

Can I buy you dinner take you to Vegas Bahamas Heaven?
I'll take care of you, do whatever you want me to do, just to be with you.
Can I have your phone number?

Asshole. No. I have your number. Oh yes I do.

Bevy of men, with one ambition. How unoriginal.
What do I have to do to get her horizontal in a hotel?
Hell, she's HOTT! She's worth two or three hotels even.

Get Lost Creep.

I will be alone, I will be happy. Until I am not.
I am never alone in my head.
So many stories wanting out, wanting the moonlight.

Pass me my pen, paper, keyboard.

I am fine.
I am okay.
I am just peachy keen.

Now go away.

M'am, here. I think you need these.

Thanks, barkeep.
Kleenex with aloe?
I only cry in the best bars.

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